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Green Landscaping - Evergreen Landscaping Silicon Valley

Green Landscaping

Sustainable landscaping is low impact, low maintenance, low resource use landscaping that fits each particular site and microclimate.  It virtually takes care of itself.


"We believe there is a connection
between a healthy environment and
a healthy society and we will do our
best to contribute to that, one landscape
at a time." - Jay Fettgather, Owner

As a proud member of the “green” industry, Evergreen Landscaping takes very seriously its responsibility to adhere to the concept of sustainability in our landscape projects.  This includes reusing and recycling materials where appropriate, limiting water run-off into storm drains, minimizing water consumption using the latest in irrigation technology, planting compatible plants to site conditions, using organic materials in preparing healthy soils and using non-toxic and renewable resource materials in connection with our building process.

Cut down on lawn size.  Plant for a dry California climate which will reduce water, fertilizer and pesticide use.  The result is a healthy & beautiful garden!