Evergreen Landscaping, Silicon Valley CA

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Brick Seat Walls Saratoga - Lois Munson Designer  Outdoor Living Space Saratoga - David Fox Designer  Historic Brick Courtyard Saratoga - Lois Munson Designer  Ballustrade Saratoga - Jay Fettgather Designer  Stone Retaining Wall Redwood City - Jay Fettgather Designer

Brick Porch/Walkway Mountain View  Firepit/Seat Wall San Jose - Jay Fettgather Designer  Firepit San Jose - Jay Fettgather Designer  Brick/Tile Entry Los Altos - Jay Fettgather Designer  Grill Island-San Jose-Jay Fettgather Designer

Grill Island/Seating Area San Jose - Jay Fettgather Designer  Stamped Concrete/Stone Walls Redwood City - Jay Fettgather Designer  Composite Deck/Stone Patio Mountain View - Jay Fettgather Designer  Patio Walls Saratoga - David Fox Designer  Pavingstone Patio Saratoga

Poolside Terrace Saratoga - Lois Munson Designer  Pavingstone Driveway San Jose - Jay Fettgather Designer  Flagstone Patio San Jose - Candace Stein Designer  Pavingstone Patio San Jose - Jay Fettgather Designer  Brick Patio San Jose - Jay Fettgather, Designer

Pillars Saratoga - Jay Fettgather Designer  Stamped Concrete Los Altos  Outdoor Kitchen/Grill Island Fremont - Jay Fettgather Designer  Slate Patio Fremont - Jay Fettgather Designer  Water Feature Spa San Jose - Jay Fettgather/Swan Pools Designers

Water Feature Poolside Waterfall Saratoga - Jay Fettgather Designer  Pavingstone Patio w/Stone Firepit Saratoga - David Fox, Designer  Firepit Pergola Saratoga - David Fox Designer  Natural Water Feature Redwood City - Jay Fettgather Designer  Gazebo/Outdoor Kitchen Saratoga - David Fox Designer  Patio, Stairs and Pergola - Jay Fettgather Designer