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"I am proud of our organizational structure that results in a positive experience for the homeowner.   Communication is the key to a successful project.  We value the process we have put into place that makes for an enjoyable relationship between our client and us.  Our outcomes often exceed our clients’ expectations!"  –Jay Fettgather, Owner


Whether designing a new landscape or renovating an existing one, the homeowner’s project may originate with our in-house design staff, an independent landscape architect or designer we recommend, or a design professional already retained by the homeowner.  Sometimes, a concept plan that originates with a collaborative meeting between the homeowner and our staff is all that is needed.

Our designers work closely with the homeowner to realize the homeowner’s vision and needs.  Our designers have extensive experience with design aesthetics and horticultural principles and practices.    


Our landscape crews are well-versed in all phases of landscape construction.   Our teams are professionally managed by a construction manager and an on-site supervisor.  

We also have an additional staff position, a client-services manager, who helps the homeowner with decision-making and walks the homeowner through every phase of the project.  This position is a necessary one and is not representative in the industry.  The result is quality workmanship done in an efficient and timely manner.